Millennia ago a group of Dragonborn settlers set the groundwork for what promised to be their new empire.  Fertile ground to grow crops, protection to the east from the mountains, and a mere 2 days ride to the gulf coast.  The city began modest, growing rapidly into a busy overly populated hub for Dragonborn and sanctuary to any weary travelers.  Centuries of exponential growth beyond anticipation began to tax the weary over worked farmers surrounding the city.  The growing seasons began to grow unbearably hot, and rain lessened to near drought levels slowing crop production to dire levels.  Trades with surrounding cities and farms shifted in favor as the need for food for the inhabitants exceeded the annual yield.  

     Agreements with a caravan of hard working humans and dwarves began a new era as the mountain caverns were discovered to be rich with Iron, gold, and even some Mythril veins.  The Mining operation brought the city new profits and a renewed vigor.  Weekly more humans and dwarves alike began to come to the city looking for work in the new field of work.  The dwindling Dragonborn population rapidly became outnumbered in their own city, which began a rift between the once peaceful races.  Snide remarks whispered behind one another backs turned to all out brawls in the streets.  Tensions rose over a century as the local government struggled to keep the alliances on good terms.  Factions formed in secret, the Dragonborn wishing to reclaim their city and purify it of the human epidemic, and the Humans and Dwarves looking to defend their right to stay in the city they labored so hard to save.  Riots broke out time and again, nearing the point of a full on civil war between the heavily Arcane Dragonborn and the hearty outsiders armed with pick axes and brute strength.  

     The leaders of the two factions met with the city council one last time trying to avoid further bloodshed.  A stubborn Dragonborn by the name of Erayax Wulziros confronted Karll Lorinar the most outspoken of the Human Dwarf Alliance.  Heated exchange turned quickly to violence as Erayax lit Karll ablaze with a breath of rage, inciting the first city-wide battle in the settlements history.  The Dragonborn were few in number and quickly had to concede to the new power in Ahrakss.  Lorinar being looked upon as the default leader in charge after the dust settled, offered the Dragonborn a choice; Pledge fealty or leave.  The majority of the Dragonborn fled to the forest in the north, while a couple hundred stayed behind not wanting to leave their precious homes. 

     Time passed, the city grew.  New structures replaced tattered remnants of the once great draconic city, and the humans adapted the farms to crops that could handle the harsh soil and sparse water.   The small temple of Pelor moved to a more central location where the Sun could shine in more appropriately as the faith of the city grew.  Again the city began to grow into a thriving metropolis, thanks be to Pelor for shining down upon his favorite city.  Centuries pass as Lorinars progeny took up his mantle leading the people, taking on the title of Kings and Queens.  Every several decades a force of Dragonborn newly aligned with the Elves of the north would attempt to retake the now stalwart capital, all ending in failure.  Rumors spread across the continent that Ahrakss is now protected by Pelor himself and his angels stand constant vigil.  While the city remains open as a hub to travelers and commerce the attacks slow to a halt, almost 200 years of peace allowed the city to boom to new heights with very little memories of the origins of the city.  A disdain for elves, even though several have taken up refuge in the city, still courses throughout the population.  Dragonborn from outside are often met with distrust at first until their intentions are made clear. 

Little do the inhabitants know, there is a much greater force than some dragon touched and pointy eared travelers.  The city goes with its business completely unaware of the approaching strife unrivaled by anything else they have ever witnessed.   A warning to those that travel here, Pray to whomever you can, Pelor alone may not be sufficient to save you.  


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