Eladrin Rouge


25 years old. 5’10" tall.160 lbs. Silver hair. Blue eyes. Fair skinned. Birthmark resembling a 6 pointed star on his back.

Zenaris was separated shortly after birth from his parents. He knows nothing of them or where he is from. Even his last name is a mystery. Raised by Dwarf miners outside of the city of Ahrakkas he was treated with dignity and respect growing up but no one ever enlightened him about his past. Knowing the ways of the Dwarves as he grew up he still carries a deep connection with them and an undying respect. This respect led him on some adventures to the benefit of his adopted family. Being nimble and crafty at an early age he found himself on the path of reacquiring items that had been looted from the Dwarves by common thugs. He considers himself a fairly good person but has no problem bending the rules or crossing a line in order to “make things right”. Though he has had some curiosity about the people of the Fey he has yet to venture out to find any of the answers that remain unsolved. Zenaris struggles with issues where rest often eludes him. Weather trying to sleep or go into trance he often is without his desired calm which leads to days of fatigue. Unable to discern any underlying cause for this it has become an issue that he has been forced to live with. Zenaris also has a love of trinkets. He collects things he finds along his way. Not that he doesn’t like having a little treasure to his name he would take that interesting shiny object lying in the dirt first. It is objects such as these that has raised his curiosity as to what else is out there in the world. After 25 years growing, learning and training and becoming a sort of fixer for his beloved Dwarves, returning much of the property others have tried to deny them and just trying to make things right. He has finally decided to go out on his own to do his own thing and find more of the curiosities that he so loves to collect. Some might even call him a hoarder of useless objects but to him it’s a priceless treasure trove.


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